Digital Gift Cards

How to use your digital gift card?

PDF E-Gift Cards

Digital Cards that come in a PDF format can be used without any other app. The merchant will input the numbers into their system and or scan the barcode directly from the e-gift card PDF.

Digital Photo Of A Physical Card

Once you receive an email from with your digital photo gift card you then download the “Stocard app” on your android or iphone. Next open up the app and you will find the (+) sign on the upper right hand side of the App, click (+) and find your merchant (gift card) on the list and add your card manually (Enter Manually).

For example when you get your digital PC gift card you do the following:

  • Download Stocard app
  • Open up the app
  • Click Pc Plus card imagine (Scan the bar code and or Enter Manually) you will get a message saying "The customer number ****** does not comply to the expected format for PC plus cards.
  • Click SAVE AWAY (this will save your card number anyways)
  • You are ready to use the card.

Option 2

  • Click on the top (+ other card)
  • You can create your own card and label the card as PC